Mother’s Day Massacre

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by admin on May 12, 2009

Change we can believe in?
Yes, we can!
Look forward!
Not behind?

Forget war crimes!
Look forward!
There will be new crimes aplenty?
Yes, we can!
A truckload of women and children’s …
Assorted body parts! They are the empire’s
Mother’s Day gift to Afghanistan.

WWI mothers started Mother’s Day
To tell the world:
“Let no son be forced to kill another mother’s son, ever again!”
Yes, we can!
Look forward!
Not backwards?
Can’t you see?
Change we can believe in?
New war criminals forgiving old criminals?
More prisons and slave camps for the poor!
Forgive killers who sent sons to die?
Die for what? For oil, you fools!

Don’t look backward.
Look forward!
There is fresh blood on the streets.
Can’t you see change we can believe in?
Forget Wounded Knee.
Forget Mi Lai.
Forget old blood on forgotten streets.
Look forward!
Yes, we can!

Immunized criminals are ready again
to offer torture and murder expertise
We are a country under law?
We have kangaroo tribunals spitting on obsolete treaties.
God Bless America!
Land of compassion.
One lunatic, deaf, and blind nation under what God?
The old, jealous lord of hosts?
Change we can believe in?
Yes, we can!
Give us a break!
All lunatics can.
Not a single White House press core baboon
raised a grunt of protest
at the Mother’s Day’s dinner
Obama hosted with empty jokes.
Change we can believe in?


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