Swine Invoking “The American People”

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by admin on March 6, 2009

Washington’s political scoundrels constantly invoke “the American people,” “the American people,” “the American people,” like a cultish mantra? We are working for “the American People,” fighting for “the American People,” protecting “the American People.”

Phoney con men

The truth is that most of the swine fear “the American People” who might one day wake up and realize their “leaders” do not give a rotten fig about civil and human rights, about justice and economic equity, about “the American People” even when they, 90% strong, demand: “We do not want to bail out fat cats with our tax money!” 700 billion! You phony con men! Money should be loaned to the working people, not the robber barons. Forget it!!! All “We the People” have left is the power to restore our sovereignty by fostering solidarity, the powerful antidote to both treason of the elite and pessimism of the oppressed.

Once we understand Antonio Gramsci’s formula, like Fellini did and, better yet, like Hugo Chavez has, together we can bring change. We must stop allowing ourselves to be subjected to fear and suffering by elite pig abuse. We must unite in solid anti-oppression circles and fight back or perish as slaves. Bolivarian-American circles!

Good people experience security and happiness by sharing common struggles in friendship and common hope. Think and communicate back so we can plan how to fight back.


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