Historial Terrorism: Samson and Delilah

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by admin on March 6, 2009

Let’s look at terrorism soberly and without the usual fake political hysterics. The first suicide terrorist was glorified in the Old Testament. His name was Samson.

Two kinds of terrorists

There have always been two kinds of terrorists on earth: those motivated by suicidal despair and the hideous satanic ones motivated by greed and power-lust.

The first suicide terrorist was glorified in the Old Testament. Samson was his name.  What turned Samson, a man of God, into a terrorist?  Clearly, it was sorrow and despair, to start. He was betrayed by Delilah, the woman he loved. Having found out that Samson’s long hair was the secret of his great strength, she cut it off while he slept, thereby depriving Samson of his power.  Delilah then delivered him to his enemies, who blinded him and chained him to a heavy grinding stone wheel.

After many years of suffering, his hair and strength came back and with it Samson’s chance for revenge. Invoking the same Semitic God terrorists invoke today, Samson brought down the temple of the Philistines.  Coincidentally, that temple stood in the area of Palestine known today as the Gaza Strip.

Similarities with 9/11

An additional eerie coincidence to 9/11 is that Samson’s suicide terror killed 3000 Philistines, just about as many as died in New York on 911.

The still unexplained 9/11 attack against America was obviously not due to the far-fetched, grotesque conspiracy theory invented by the 9/11 Commission and narrated in its ridiculous fairytale report. So, who was responsible for 9/11? Either desperate men who were denied justice and lost their loved ones as well as their desire to live after suffering brutal military aggression, or evil, greedy men seeking to create a large enough cause for war, like another Pearl Harbor (which is what they hoped for to justify an endless aggression and to conquer and dominate the earth under a “new world order”).

The history of North and South America is a history of terrorism and depredation by the invading Europeans and their fantastic nightmarish religions.  But that is another story.


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