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The Dangerous View Ahead

by admin on March 25, 2009

Dramatic moves by the people’s government are necessary to prevent our Ship of State from sinking. But the people have lost their government and these moves won’t happen.  As citizens, we need to give up the false illusions under which we live. A view from the Crow’s Nest.

Pirates still in control

The U.S. ship’s command deck is threatened by a mutinous crew of old capitalist pirates still free to roam about.They are the same rotten gang that stole the People’s wealth and sunk the world into poverty. These bastards are driven by lust for absolute power over us all. The Ship of State is now still in their financialhands. They own it.We, the dispossessed, are navigating in a stormy sea on uncharted waters in the fog of political ignorance, reading false charts created daily by the hegemony of fake news, false values, and weird doctrines. President Obama, smart as he is, has placed too much control in the hands of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who is steering the U.S.’s financial rudder on a perilous course in a desperate attempt to save obsolete capitalism by bailing what is irremediably sinking in a storm of financial troubles that threatens all the people on earth with shipwreck and drowning in a bottomless ocean of debt. Clearly, this is the end of the lunatic empire and, we hope, the painful birth contractions of a new truly human civilization.

Half measures not enough

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman is right when he says that the administration needs to stop “taking half-measures and should tackle the recession head-on.” This is, of course, no “recession” by any stretch of the imagination. It is more than a “depression.”  It is much larger and deeper than any economic fall in human history. The President, says Krugman, must prepare public opinion for really bold policies that the President keeps on promising and really act on those. Krugman’s opinion is realistic.We must receive specific and timely orders from the Captain when a ship is sinking.

Ridding ourselves of ridiculous illusions

What are these bold actions Obama must order to save our Ship of State and the future of humanity?First, help the American people to cast aside and let go of the ridiculous illusions fostered by capitalist lies that greed is good and opportunity is equally open to all in the land of the free and the home of the brave. That has never been true and is evermore untrue.

Second, the President must help the People see that the “American Dream” has turned into a nightmare from which we must awake fast if we are ever to save that lost dream and make it a reality.

From the Crow’s Nest, the course ahead is clear and what happened on our course behind us is even clearer in hindsight, as expected.We are sinking.No matter how fast we bail out this old capitalist slave ship (which has been masquerading as a carnival luxury cruise), it is full of holes and the water is coming in faster than we can bail it out. What we must do to save our asses is.  First, the People must realize that we have all been robbed of our commonwealth and our constitutional rights; we have all been raped and deceived by a satanic system of human exploitation run by inhuman monsters that claim to own the entire planet.

Collapse of capitalism

The capitalist system is collapsing and it must die if the planet is to survive, but the evil thieves want to prop up their system of legalized robbery and murder any opposition.They want just enough terror to save their own privileges and their fat behinds.So, Secretary Geithner, one of the privileged money boys, is trying to save the private Robber Bankers with the People’s money. These useless con men deserve to walk the plank after being keelhauled. Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to John Taylor in 1816, wrote, “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” To save our nation, all banks must be nationalized.The Federal Reserve fraud must be unmasked for the instrument of oppression it is. It must be permanently removed. All utilities must be nationalized.

Obama won the election for the People, not for the bankers or the speculators who rob us (the working men and women( blind every day of our lives without producing anything of value. The People now have bought and own the banks and the People know how to run them and should run them.Unless we nationalize and regulate all major industries and take back all that the robber bankers and CEOs have stolen from us, our country may soon collapse in chaos. The Federal Reserve’s printing of worthless cash is not going to prevent the colossal fall that will take down with us the rest of the global economy and expose all humanity to the most destructive consequences in the history of the world.

A clear view from the Crow’s Nest

So, this is the clear view from the Crow’s Nest. This is a warning call for all hands on deck. We are about to sail through very dangerous reefs and shoals. We must put the rootless rascals, still unpunished, free among us, and who brought us to this pass, in irons or they will soon try to take the ship back by deceit or force, just as the German right wingers did under the Nazi brown shirt movement after first destroying their own country.  The U.S. neo-fascists have already set up private armies like the Blackwater goons waiting to act with the excuse of terror they will arrange for as they did on 9/11.They have the money to pay killers to do their bidding and keep silent. (See the Kennedy video on this page and you’ll understand what is meant here.)

We must help Obama by protecting his back. We must help him feel strong, even if the super-rich treasonous privateers surround him, ready to cut his throat. We must help Obama stand strong and save our democracy from the threat of the neo-cons’ fascist reactionary violence. Their real domestic terrorism is hiding behind their fake patriotic verbiage. And remember: they are torture aficionados!

We still hope that Obama will bring real change. However, right now we’ve got the same slick mob of capitalists running our economic and military ship from behind the curtains of capitalist propaganda and we still hear that, despite how discredited they are and how indifferent they are to the plight of the people’s rising homelessness and lack of healthcare, profits and tax cuts are their highest priorities.When the People’s patience runs out, then all hell will break loose and the most vicious form of fascism will react with terror and mass killings.The time to ask for nationalization of the assets We the People paid for and own is NOW. We the People, if we had honest elections, would own the government, not the CEO’s of fat-ass corporations.


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NotAsItSeems August 29, 2009 at 11:02 pm

Obama is a puppet just like every president after JFK has been. He needs no protection. He offers no real change. The party lines are a joke. Democrats and Republicans alike are bought out and controlled by bankers.

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