Clown-Economics 101

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by admin on April 21, 2009

Economics – a science?! That’s pure BS. Economics is not a science. It is a fast game played with fake money by crime-clowns to screw people. And if people don’t like losing all the time and dare raise hell? Then the crime-clowns shoot people like fish in a barrel with real guns and laugh at how dumb the godless-communist-terrorists are. The torture-lover Cheney would like to say, “SO???! Just shut up if you know what’s good for you!”

Private banking is a fast clown sport based on rules written by crime-clowns and these rules were elevated to the bullshit dignity of a science by phony greed and torture aficionados like Milton Friedman and Henry Kissinger, two close friends of nasty General Augusto Pinochet, the bloody butcher of Chile.


The fundamental principle of Clown-Economics is this: Those who make the rules are the rulers. Freedom, justice, democracy, the Constitution are carrots for jackasses who will never wake up until it’s too late. The crime-clowns will bury them, claiming that enemies of freedom did it.

The crime-clown rulers of the world have been called all kinds of names: conservatives, liberals, republicans, elites, aristocrats, neo-fascists, neo-nazis. And all of them, as long as they hold the guns, the money, and the bully pulpit, deem themselves better than others because they spray their shit with expensive deodorant and wear shiny silk clothes and expensive watches.

Crime-clowns who claim their shit doesn’t stink also claim to own the world by the will of God; the proof is in the fact that they own it. They will win every argument because they own the military, banks, media, money machines, and most of the schools. They will claim to be entitled to exploit ignorant, hard-working people as long as they fail to lift themselves by the bootstraps, even if the poor never had any boots to pull straps from.

Crime-clowns – how they operate

The crime-clowns play doctor with us, make us sick by polluting everything we breathe, drink, or eat. They’ll keep us under their stinking ether of religious bull dung and political nonsense to sell us their filtered holy toilet water and provide the world with Indian treaty toilet paper guaranteed to clean stupid asses of every dime they have left so that, when Armageddon comes, the poor will be raptured into heaven by Jeez-ass, even if the screwed are chewing-wine drinking-Pope following-pizza-happy gluttons or carpet-kissing-camel-riding-oil-smeared ragheads, or proper-stiff-double-talking-Anglo-American-racist banksters, and yes! zion-freaks, also, if they accept dirty, blood-soaked money as the ultimate revelation of the Lord of Hosts, and boy! do they ever !

The ruthless crime-clowns

The supreme crime-clown oligarchy is sinking the world and intends to keep it all for themselves, no matter how many children starve or how many they need to kill. They shrink and grow pale when someone reminds them of the guillotine, that efficient, old-fashioned, civilizing instrument of liberty used by the French to cut fat pigs down to size and establish egalite’, fraternite’ and liberte’ … until the hogs came back and imperialism triumphed.

But slicing swine into dog sausages is beyond imagination today, as long as the crime-clowns keep the sheeple under TV sedatives, ball games, and other deliberate distractions, including toxic fast food that keeps them as stupid and weak (but obedient).

The banking system is one global crime-clowns, creating dog and pony derivative shows and printing monopoly money with rigged electronic software in a virtual world of ugly illusions and manipulated by diabolical programmers to help the crime-clowns steal the work product of millions of men, women, and children all over the world. Remember the super-rich crime-clowns are above the law. They can bomb, murder, torture, destroy democracy, and still get get-out-of-jail-free cards along with bonuses for being great thieves.

Fortunately clown capitalism is about to die. If we learn from all this how to love life and the earth, the gods may smile on us and give us another chance.



Capt. Ed May 16, 2009 at 1:34 pm

Aldo, As usual you have identified the Neo-Con dual loyality and honorless, faithless
greedyguts, that still are profiting on the backs and necks of displaced for profit American workers . These baseless shits,, Kissinger ,Larry Summers , Alan Greenspan ,Bend-over Bernanke ,Geithner and the rest of the Internationally owned and “Never -Audited” Federal Reserve” stockholders who would bring us to complete collapse in order keep their deathgrip
on the Fiat-paper print machine and their invented bogus CDO,s and
outhouse derivatives and cluster-f**k of International banking criminals, “They” (look to Obama’s cluster of thieves and Wall street criminals and advisors )to put the final nails in the crucifiction of our economic system .) “They”will gloat at Bilderburg, having cornered the complete financial mechanism’s of control while continuing to exploit the poor workers where the taxes or pensions cannot be collected or they, through the World Bank ,can continue to exploit the LIE that a
Capitalism that depends on constantly increasing “PROFITS” while denying the limitations of our dwindling resource bases is good economic technique or successful scientific modeling, Our only hope ,State conveined GrandJuries, charging treason and malfeisence, and
indepth investigations as Congress has been completely compromised…….As Alice’s Queen of Hearts would exclaim “Off with their heads”

admin May 16, 2009 at 8:10 pm

Captain Ed,

America needs many good men as you to get grand juries started. Congress has been neutered.

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