Capitalist “Greed-Is-Good” System In The Toilet

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by admin on March 30, 2009

Let us be clear: the capitalist system is at an end. A call for Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman to take courage by outlining specific moves the government must make to stave off the looming threat of tyranny by power-holding lunatics.

Commenting on the Geithner plan in his March 21, 2009 NYT article, In Despair over financial policy, Paul Krugman wrote: “The zombie ideas have won,” and “[f]or the private investors, this is an open invitation to play heads I win, tails the taxpayers lose.”

Obama under sword of a scared ruling class

While Krugman is quite clear, it would be opportune for him to expose the fact that it is not important if Obama seems unaware that the greed system doesn’t work because Obama is under the sword of a scared ruling class that desperately seeks to save its privileges, no matter how many kids have to die for lack of food, shelter, and healthcare.  When JFK told the truth about their conspiracies, they killed him.

Obama’s precarious position

Obama knows that he would end up like JFK and Martin Luther King were he to admit that capitalism is a savage system run by an unconscious and brutally selfish minority. After all, Obama is surrounded by the types of hypocrites that have ruled the world since time immemorial, no matter by what names they are called, i.e., Conservatives, Republicans, Pharisees, Fascists, Nazis, Falangists, Neo-cons, Stalinists, Imperialists, Colonialists, Zionists.

If Obama were to reveal that the only way to save our country is to nationalize all major industries and services and to govern the people’s commonwealth by common consent under a pluralist, participative democracy, he would be killed.

The good unspoken news: capitalism is dead

What comes next will be a new and better world, unless the power-holding lunatics pull another 9/11 to set the stage for their dream of restoring absolute medieval tyranny as they set up again and again in many unfortunate parts of the world, like the Philippines, Cuba, Chile, Haiti, Columbia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, American Samoa.  In final destructive desperation to retain wealth and power, the vicious oligarchs may soon try to force citizens back into slavery to “protect us from terror.” So be prepared: these monsters are torture aficionados and believe they are superior by the will of an invented lunatic god who made them in his own insane image.


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