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The Real Battle For Americans Today

by admin on September 14, 2011

“On this 10-year anniversary, I intend to go about my business as usual, and say a prayer of gratitude for the small freedoms I have left.  –  I won’t allow what I personally experienced that day in the Pentagon, nor the subsequent government drumbeats for war, waving the Sept. 11 banner, to diminish my awareness of the meaning of liberty.

“The real battle for Americans today is a battle to reassert our independence from an overbearing and unsustainable state. Today, we can all celebrate that there are fundamental cracks in the federal state’s veneer, and we can be grateful for the options we still have in our own lives to live free, to practice charity and faith, creativity and productivity and to rediscover our own power as individuals and communities.” — Karen Kwiatkowski – (1960-) retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, included duties as Pentagon desk officer and a variety of roles for the National Security Agency, author, columnist – 9 Sep 2011

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