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Senate Rats

by admin on May 6, 2009

Twelve “honorable” Demorat Senaturds sacrificed themselves, risking outrage from voters who elected them, by joining Republicans in rescuing crooked banksters who bribed all of them with campaign finance gifts and now expect to be paid back by dumping U.S. citizens into homelessness.

Every bribe these senaturds received was stolen from U.S. citizens’ pockets and from our nation’s treasury. The banksters are guilty of defrauding, bankrupting, and rendering homeless millions of fellow citizens. The banksters own the Senate. We are being screwed again.

Now banksters collect billions in socialist welfare from our tax money, which they feel they are owed for campaign bribes they paid to the 12 “honorable” Demorat Senaturds to vote to save the thieving banksters and dump millions of Americans into losing their homes.

The names of these corrupt “honorable” Senaturds are:

Max Baucus (Montana);  Michael Bennet (Colorado); Robert Byrd (West Virginia); Tom Carper (Delaware); Byron Dorgan (North Dakota); Tim Johnson (South Dakota); Mary Landrieu (Louisiana); Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas); Ben Nelson (Nebraska); Mark Pryor (Arkansas); Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania); and Jon Tester  (Montana).

Remember these “honorable” Senaturds when voting and be sure to throw their asses out of office for good.


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