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Dear Governor Brown

by admin on October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011

Dear Governor:

The whole country is seeking the leadership of decent civilized human beings who will not tolerate terrorists in police uniforms roaming our streets and attacking peaceful demonstrators.

Human patience has a limit. When armed forces of the biggest military power in the world cannot quell the resistance of  populations of small and poor countries, it would be wise for powerholders to estimate how massively explosive the potential upheaval of an outraged American population pushed into self defense could be.

Such a reflection should send shivers in the spineless dark minds who are attacking American citizens exercising their constitutional rights to protest peacefully.  That is like stepping on the tail of a sleeping tiger … totally insane!

Recalling you to your past greatness and progressive instincts, we respectfully ask you to condemn police violence and act in defense of the people.

Thank you.

Aldo Vidali

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