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A New System of Indentured Service

by admin on May 12, 2011

Access to institutions of higher education for poor and working people is a course of daunting hurdles in the United States; free or even affordable college tuition is a thing of the past. The federal government created a system of student loans, purportedly to make education “affordable.” Instead, it just increased the amount institutions could demand as tuition, knowing students could borrow the money.

A new system of indentured service has taken shape: students in exchange for education must work for years afterward to regain their freedom. Truly, their condition is worse than the one our country’s Founding Fathers rejected in the 17th century — their indentures are often never paid off and rarely involve apprenticeship that ends in a trade or craft; indeed only one out of ten of them produce a job in the student’s chosen field.

More than two-thirds have to apply for student loans, never understanding they are trading their futures for false hope. Undergraduate students and those studying law and medicine often forego meals rather than spend loan money to eat. The average college graduate now carries over $20,000 in student loans and thousands more in credit card debt. For aspiring professionals, student loan debt often spirals to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The government offers young people only two alternatives: the Armed Forces or AmeriCorps, which pay little but promise to cover a portion of higher education costs.

The U.S. Education Department is one of the toughest debt collectors around; it can seize paychecks, Social Security and disability checks, tax refunds and more — all without a court order. There is no statute of limitations on these debts and no bankruptcy relief. The Education Department now vows that it will collect every dollar of principal on 100% of its loans. With fees and interest charges that often add up to more than the original principal, students face decades of government-sanctioned usury.

Post courtesy of the National Labor Federation. Graphic courtesy of Chris Gall.

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